It takes a consistent support process for a good product to meet its purpose. Close interlinking of support employees on each respective support level is essential.

Competently solved enquiries have enormous impact on users:

I am being taken seriously, my concern is important and receives immediate attention.

For us, this process continues well beyond handling such queries. We evaluate enquiries and develop approaches to faciliate learning for the users. As a consequence, we are able to precisely identify training requirements for different target groups.

Our qualified staff provide 2nd and 3rd level support. You can always get in direct touch with a project developer/project team member who is personally familiar with you and your specific conditions. We also gladly train your employees in 1st level support and map out work instructions for you.

Modern Monitoring Tool

Our Support- and Project Management Tool provides insights in current support incidents and their processing status anytime. The tool is connected to several ticketing systems of our customers, allowing a seamless support process in real time tie-down. In addition, aggregated reports on support incidents, response times etc. can be established.


Trouble Shooting

Mistakes are human and do not stop short of workplaces. Since this holds true for all of us, we have developed various mechanisms to minimize errors. In case a mistake still escapes our preventative measures, it will be fixed within the appointed response and restore time.


Example for Response and Restore Times

Response time: before 5 pm on the next workday
Restore time: with the next planned update
Response time: Within 4 hours during business hours
Restore time: within 5 days after expiry of response time
Response time: maximum of 1 hour when notified during business hours
Restore time: within 1 day after expiry of response time and during business hours AG

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