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The Smooth Path from Start to Best-Practice with LMS Consulting by schenck.de

The introduction of a learning platform is a change process for a company. It involves a number of tasks, such as controlling the process, identifying and motivating groups of individuals and, if necessary, making adjustments of training measures. Having made these changes in numerous organizations, we are well experienced and build upon these previous successes.

Our 18-year experience in E-Learning Development and LMS Consulting as well as a wide network in the sector, qualify us to support you with the planning and to acquaint you with best practice examples of diverse areas of benchmarking. Because one thing we learnt early on – every customer and every project is unique. Aspects such as computer affinity of target groups, methods applied, state of internationalization, and previous training and E-Learning experiences, form a unique picture.

We accompany the roll-out of learning platforms with communication concepts and multiplier trainings, tailored to your company’s conditions. A start with a pilot group e.g. generates important insights, but delays the roll-out for several weeks. We will gladly work with you to develop the LMS Consulting approach that best suits your purposes.

For the current evaluation of educational processes we provide controlling strategies and tools to enable you to analyze your processes.


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