Training Management

Efficient Face-To-Face and Blended Learning Management

Conventional training management and blended learning-related activities can take up a lot of time:

from announcements, application date monitoring, waiting list management, room-booking, gathering of expectation-, feedback- and transfer-forms, through to giving out photo documentations of flipcharts and learning achievements.

Automated training management processes

Automated Printed Work

Name tags, lists of participants, door labels, cover sheets and other documents, can be printed directly in your corporate design or downloaded as PDF.

E-Mails in your CI

Formatted e-mails in the design of your academy. Embedded images to present a program or lecturer

Adjustable Waiting Lists

Would you like an automatic waiting list management for most seminars? Do you want to administer the waiting lists for exclusive seminars yourself? You want to reserve two places each for participants from France, England and Italy?

Spreading Participants’ documents

Documents for participants will be handed out fast and efficiently. These include flipchart photos as well as directions sketches and checklists, which are being sent attached to an e-mail before the seminar begins.

Accounting and Distribution on Cost Center

Expenditures of trainings can automatically either debit staff development budgets or decentralized operative organizational units. As an alternative, personal budgets give employees or executives the opportunity to book measures themselves.

Configurable Workflows

A large number of workflows can be automatized, ranging from automatic booking confirmation for room and trainer as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, to automatic start of peer-reviews when the transfer phase is completed. AG

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