Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning: What does it really mean – to you?

To us mobile learning means ideal support of everyone concerned, right where they are:

How can we assist coaches and trainers in the seminar room or on their way there? How can we accelerate coordination between Seminar Management and trainers in an increasingly fast seminar business? How can we offer learners access to information, right where they need it?

Demands on a Mobile Learning Environment

Learners, managers, trainers and tutors require different mobile learning conditions:


Access to mobile contents and research as well as mobile communication and social networking is central for the learner.


Easy integration in enquiry and approval workflows, information on employees’ success and opportunities to detect compliance deficits are required by managers.


Trainers and coaches appreciate opportunities to note attendance straight away at the seminar, photograph flipcharts, watch pre-assessments for the seminar and be informed about current changes from the seminar organization.


Important tools for tutors range from activity streams of participants to enquiries in an assorted mail-box with reply options as text or video. AG

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