Enterprise Interfaces

Enterprise Interfaces to HR-Systems and ERP-Systems

The learning architects learning management system (LMS) works perfectly with your current HR-systems. A multitude of interfaces to HR-Systems can be configured for your requirements. Available interfaces include: SAP-HR, SAP-VM, Active Directory, LDAP, Perbit, CSV, XML and SOAP.

Master data as well as events, dates, enrolments and even results of individual learners, can be exchanged between a leading system and the LMS via interfaces.

Organizations and Roles

The organizational structure usually is adopted from the Active Directory or the ERP-Software. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual maintenance, but many important workflows can also be supported or automated, such as e.g. release processes for training measures, budet monitoring or controlling in corporate training.

Organizations build one of the foundations for mapping compliance processes, since different legal regulations apply in different countries and organizations. Integrating organizations in “targeting” (defining target groups) therefore allows international compliance training processes to be accurately mapped as well.

Import Filter

Automatic assignments of groups, roles and job profiles can be made using import filters. Many workflows can thus be organized right from the employee’s entry on, with no need for manual intervention.

Multiple Systems

Leading systems for core workforce and core organization may differ among countries and industry branches. This can be challenging both for companies expanding abroad organically and companies growing through mergers & acquisitions. We enable these companies to integrate several leading systems. As a result, the integrated human ressource development and compliance training can start before the other integration processes are completed.

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