Climb up the Success Ladder with Evaluation

Evaluation is essential for continuous improvement of educational processes. A number of information contribute to a better assessment of educational processes.

These include surveys of learners, superiors and trainers as well as the implementation of tests at different phases of the learning process:
starting with goal-setting processes at the annual review, expectations when booking an educational measure, through to a joint review of the transfer to the daily routine by employees and superiors.

For this purpose, we developed an evaluation system which allows you to define the individual steps of your educational measure yourself. Determination of objectives, expectations enquiry, pre- and posttests, satisfaction survey and periodical transfer assessment can be freely defined.

Highlights Evaluation

  • Multilingual assessment and feedback forms for comparable results from diverse countries
  • Evaluation of key figures based on different criteria – e.g. country, division, seminar template or trainer
  • Results of an evaluation can be part of a personal certification
  • Peer evaluation, evaluation by superiors, experts or 360°
  • Graphical evaluation of results

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