Compliance Training as Measure and Risk Identification

Top-Features Compliance

  • Automated Targeting
  • Transparent representation of responsibilities
  • Reminder- and escalation- workflows which reduce management workload
  • Automated recertification processes
  • Strengths and weaknesses comparison for countries, divisions and organizational units
  • Visible campaign-tracking of the progress of educational measures
  • Configurable reports for e.g. BaFin



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Ensuring compliance with laws and providing an adequate risk management are responsibilities of Managing Directors of  a corporation. Due to lower requirements, only Managing Directors of business partnerships can be indemnified from slight negligence.

Therefore, particularly in corporations, training processes for legally relevant issues impose distinct demands on Learning Management Systems, reporting, reminder and workflows. These requirements follow directly from §91(2) of the German Stock Corporation Act (see Fleischer, Handbuch des Vorstandes, 2006).

For a Compliance Training System to reduce management liability, mechanisms need to be implemented which allow the Learning Management System to function as an appropriate measure as well as an early detection monitoring system.


A clear target group formation is necessary to instruct all employees who meet certain criteria, on legally binding contents. You can form target groups by describing the target group defining criteria. If you have organizations and business roles stored in leading systems, such as SAP-HR or Active-Directory, the learning platform will henceforth automatically handle your target group administration.


The management is legally obligated to provide appropriate systems for instructing employees on compliance-relevant  issues. In particular, these include the obligation to prevent failure. For this reason, we offer our LMS Escalation-Workflow to remind learners, inform superiors and integrate compliance representatives before damage occurs.


Are all training requirements met? What else do I have to learn myself? How long is a certificate valid for? Which managers have to enforce trainings in their fields? Which shortcomings are most common within my organization? We offer comprehensive reporting on compliance training. Everyone receives the information needed to properly control their own actions.


Certificates are symbols of accomplishment for employees who have passed compliance trainings. With our learning platform, certificates are created as secure PDF documents and are served to the learner either electronically, or -in case of particularly important certificates- on strong paper with a genuine signature. We create certificates in your corporate design. A QR-code featured on every certificate allows verification of its authenticity via smartphone, thus building confidence.

On top of certificates available in electronic or paper form, there are several more options which help you to systematically cover all legally relevant requirements, including administration of deadlines, automated recertification workflows and notification functions. AG

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