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Develop your Organization Systematically

A new 2011 report by the Aberdeen Group makes a more explicit tie between the technology and new analytic practices. The report said that companies with human capital management reporting and analytics solutions in place achieved an 11 percent or more increase per year in profits and a 6 percent improvement in revenue per employee in the same time period.
Aberdeen Group

Professional assessment and testing enable you to measure and develop the progress of your organization, training, trainers and employees. We offer you modern tools for consistent, easy and precise improvement of your educational processes.

Assessment Processes under Efficient Control

Trainers, instructors and human resource developers can easily create, assign and evaluate their own wizard-based quizzes, tests, exams and feedback forms.

Advancing Comprehension using Review Mode

Via Review-Mode, tutors or learners can go through a WBT or assessment and testing again to compare users’ and authors’ answers step by step. The review mode supports the learner while allowing the trainer or coach to detect deficits. Simultaneously, time and effort spent on supervising the learner is reduced.


  • Eight different types of questions for varied and complex tests
  • Randomization of questions and answers
  • SCORM-2004-Conformity
  • Controllable feedback on individual questions or skills for learners and tutors
  • Print version of reports and management discussions
  • Continuing previously interrupted tests
  • Mapping Skill Profiles

Genuinely helpful Reports

Reflecting assessment and testing, giving feedback to the learner? Informing the trainer about the groups’ qualifications? Which aspects of compliance-training are most difficult for the target groups? We provide the answers that help you improve training processes. AG

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