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A learning management system lays the technical groundwork for online-based training in modern companies. Since the year 2000, we keep on improving us and our learning platform to enable you to make progress in your educational processes. Our focus is always on the learner, because our participants’ acceptance is vital for turning a learning management project into a success story.

Success is a matter of adjusting one’s efforts to obstacles and one’s abilities to a service needed by others.

Henry Ford

Consistent Business Process in Training and Human Resource Development

From goal-setting to transfer evaluation and from face-to-face training to virtual classrooms and blended learning: we create a network of all participants of the educational process, allowing them to benefit from continuous processes in staff development and training.

Learning Management with the “learning architects” LMS

Your Company on the Road to Success

Informal learning makes up about 80% and therefore the largest part of knowledge acquisition in companies. Your commitment to support informal learning can help your business joining the fastest developing companies on the market. Our learning management system provides a variety of ways to support you on your road to success.


Mobility at the Point Critical to Success

To us Mobile Learning means ideal support of everyone concerned, right where they are: How can we assist coaches and trainers in the seminar room or on their way there? Likewise, we support learners, tutors, superiors and staff developers with regard of their tasks in training.


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